Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh, But Before I Go...

I had forgotten that in flipping by C-SPAN this morning, I saw a reference to my very own U.S. Congresscritter, Michael McCaul.

Now the only usual impact this guy has on my life is when his automated phone machine calls me and I have to hang up on it. I'd almost rather get email spam from this guy than have spam phone calls - the telephone is probably the most intrusive medium there is (outside of popup windows).

But I saw this morning there was a vote on an amendment he presented (although I don't see a link to it anywhere yet). It calls for a prohibition on funding federal buildings and such that are named after current sitting members of Congress.

Needless to say, I'm for it. First of all, it contains the words "prohibition on funding" - anything that restricts the amount of money these guys can spend, I'm in favor of.

Second, it will probably single-handedly bring down the economy of West Virginia, which is based around two industries: coal mining, and buildings named after Robert Byrd. (And keep in mind - that web site is proud of the number of things he's managed to finagle the money for. Pork - it's what's for breakfast in West Virginia!)

So I'm glad to see something useful coming out of the Congress. Lord knows, there ain't much of that these days.

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