Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 11 Recap

It's better to be good, unlucky and lucky than good and unlucky.

My money league team this week was good. They got the second-highest point total for the week, racking up 136 points behind 33 points from Marshawn Lynch (RB #1 for the week) on Monday night and 19 points from Thomas Jones (RB #15) on Sunday. For once, the QB and WRs weren't leading the scoring, particularly Andre Johnson who will suffer, I think, from the continuing absence of Matt Schaub in Houston.

But they were also unlucky. I may have been the second-best team in the league, but I was also the second-best team in my matchup, as my opponent put together the kind of game I had last week. As a result, my second loss of the year, 176-136.

But - they were also lucky. I came into the game in first place, with a one-game lead over two other teams. Amazingly, they also both lost this week, meaning my one-game lead is intact. Even better, I outscored both of them, so my point total lead (the first tiebreaker) expanded as well. Now I effectively have a two-game lead with two left to play, meaning I'm almost certainly a lock for the playoff bye. And that means I only need to win one of those two playoff games to be in the money.

My other two teams are now effectively dead. The ESPN team limped to a 109-45 thrashing, dropping them to 7-4 and barely holding onto the last playoff spot. My hapless Fox Sports team also lost badly, 113-65. They're now 5-6 and two games out of the playoffs with two to play.

At least the team I'm most interested in continues to be good. And lucky.

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