Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Shield Finale Predications

Based on no advance spoiler knowledge...I think Vic walks tonight.

He's got his eye on the prize - namely, saving himself and Corrine. Of course, once he finds out he bet on the wrong horse - Corrine instead of Ronnie - that'll just be one more burned bridge he'll leave behind. I don't think he's come this far to throw away his lifeline, not for Corrine or for Ronnie. So I think he'll leave Ronnie to his fate, walk away from his family once he finds out they've been working against him, and head off into his new life as a federal undercover man with his head held high. He's been totally exposed, but as long as he's got his immunity deal, he'll just keep rolling.

Everyone else gets the shaft. I think Ronnie likely ends up dead, rather than captured, perhaps during the drug raid. The only question is whether he ever finds out Vic screwed him over before he goes. Shane and Mara also end up dead, and at this point, I think by their own hands. I think Claudette doesn't die, but does resign her position voluntarily, die to illness and mishandling of the Mackey investigation. Dutch ends up in charge of the Farm, but only temporarily, as the Vic/Ronnie scandal proves to be the last straw, causing the district to be shut down. Dutch also ends up killing the young serial killer he has been tracking in self-defense.

At any rate, this episode probably ranks higher than even the most recent Lost finale on my expectations meter. Bring it on!

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