Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sign Me Up

Via Instapundit, a report of micro-nuclear generators capable of producing power for 7-10 years for 20000 homes before refueling, at 10 cents per watt, hitting the market in the next few years. I've been amazed with all of the "energy crisis" talk during the recent campaign that we seldom heard the one word that actually makes sense - nuclear. Any plan to reduce coal for electricity generation that doesn't include substantial investment in nuclear - especially when the proposed solutions include much more expensive, less reliable and less mature solutions like solar and wind - is just whistling past the graveyard, in my opinion. (The snarky side of me would point out that President Obama will just power everything with rainbows and unicorns and his amazing charisma, but of course, that would just be snarky.)

However, Austin would never go for anything like this, given (a) the disastrous participation in the South Texas Nuclear Project back in the 80's, and (b) the Bezerkeley-envy in this city that makes it more likely they would be explicitly anti-nuclear than ever considering anything like this.

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