Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fantasy Football: Week 12 Recap

No BCS drama around here!

My money league team clinched the overall #1 playoff seed this week with another relatively easy victory. Of course, it helps when you're opponent has a horrible week - even a 41-point performance by Drew Brees on Monday night only brought them to within fifty of the mighty Chads. The second-highest score for the week again, this time led by twenty-point-plus scores by Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Marshawn Lynch and Tony Gonzalez (who is now TE#1 points-wise overall in the league). Even an off-week by Jay Cutler couldn't keep them down.

The Chads now head into the last week of the regular season with a 138-point margin (almost 9 percent) over the next highest team, giving them a meaningless final game and a bye for the first playoff week. I'm guaranteed to finish in the top four, and the top three split up the pot. So all I need is one win in either of two playoff games, and I'm in the money.

Would that it was that easy for the Longhorns....

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