Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Give A Moron A Hug

Well, everytime I think Austin has gone as stupid as it can go...

The usual moonbats have been up in arms for a while now over plans for a new Walmart to be located at a practically empty mall in North Austin. Even though the mall itself is largely empty (it biggest anchor is an old Sports Authority location, and most of it is taken up by a closed-down ice skating rink), and even though it is completely surrounded by retail establishments, the "nearby residents" (where "nearby" is defined as "anywhere within 25 miles") are complaining about the traffic and noise the Walmart would bring. What they are actually complaining about is the fact that it is a Walmart, which is of course one of the biggest lefty targets around, mostly for its anti-labor position. Oh, and for its success - another thing many on the left don't like.

So with all of the hemming and hawing, they've finally come up with their masterstroke protest:

Arms Around Northcross

Yep, they plan to get 5000 people to form a human chain around the entire mall on Saturday morning, which will "turn up the heat so much that we could save our neighborhoods, and become a part of Austin history".

Please - this level of moonbattery barely rates a footnote on the list of stupid Austin tricks.

Besides, if they couldn't manage to scare up 1000 people for an anti-war protest (oh, and "Free Mumia!") here in the 'Berzerkely of Texas", what makes them think 5000 will show up for this? Instead of forming circles around malls, they should just stick to forming drum circles in Pease Park.

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