Thursday, February 22, 2007

TV Review: Lost: Stranger In A Strange Land

"...and then I suddenly lost interest."

Season 3 of Lost has been a real disappointment, and this episode is a good reason why. After what, 8 or 9 episodes, we've still learned nothing about the Others. For last season's big mystery, the scope of Dharma on the island, we didn't get a lot of answers, but at least we were getting more information. This season, the big mystery is the Others, and we are just standing still. For this episode, we get a new character, the "sheriff" Isabelle, and the return of a briefly-seen character, the stewardess. But we also get no new information about what they are doing. Alcatraz is just "where they work", but the only things we've seen them do is put Sawyer and Kate to work turning big rocks into little rocks, and holding mock trials. (And apparently, they've got a whole quasi-legal system set up amongst themselves?) Do they actually do anything?

They're still "the good guys", right Ben?

Frankly, this episode is the one where I switch sides - I'm still watching, but I'm ready for the show to end. They will have to sell me on a Season 4.

And for God's sake, bring on The Shield!

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