Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TV Review: 24: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

You know that part of the day - you've been at your desk for seven or eight hours, that lunch afterglow has passed, it's hard to get going on something new but it's too early to leave....

Yeah, that's where we are now. Four o'clock.

Not a lot of Jack action here - it takes Jack about as long to get to Logan's compound as it does for him to get changed into a suit once he gets there (but how did he get a suit in his size at Logan's house? never mind, it's Jack Bauer). Unfortunately, the Morris-Chloe drunk storyline continues apace, refusing to die as I had hoped. So it's kind of sad that the best thing to come out of this episode is the likely replacement of DB Woodside's President Palmer with Powers Boothe's more sinister vice-president, for at least some period of time. Too bad it probably comes at the expense of Alexander Siddig, whose character hasn't officially bitten the dust in saving the President, but will probably be revealed next week to have been killed off and subsequently blamed for the bombing.

Next week: Jack gets busy with some clippers (ouch), and hopefully Chad Lowe's weasely deputy gets his loose end tied up - permanently.

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