Thursday, February 8, 2007

TV Review: Lost: Not In Portland

Lost is one of three shows I consider "appointment TV" (along with 24 and The Shield). However, I have to say that the first part of season three dampened my enthusiasm for the show somewhat. I'm not sure that I've gotten a lot out of the adventures of Jack, Kate and Sawyer over on Island 2.0 - mostly a lot of weirdness and hints of internal politics (like I don't get enough of that over on 24), and that's eaten up most of the time so far. What little time we've had back on Island 1.0 has had some good bits (Locke's "spirit journey") and some bad bits (Eko's death, Desmond's precog abilities). But things seem to be in a kind of holding pattern while we wait to see what the inevitable Big Reveal About The Others will be.

So I have to say I'm happy with the first episode of the rest of the season, since if nothing else, we at least got two-thirds of our captives heading back to the first island. The Juliet flashback served to reinforce the reach of the Others, that some of the Others are also at least somewhat captives, and that there is still a tie-in back to the only baby we've seen so far. So do we have at least three factions among the Others now: the Others (Ben), ones working with the Others but not able to leave (Juliet), and those working against Ben (Alex)?

Plus some reasonable action scenes and several good Sawyer lines (the "Wookiee escape trick" - lol). So definitely an upturn for me - let's hope it keeps up.

Now if The Shield would get back online, we'd have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday covered...

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