Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stuff and Things...and Stuff

  • Kevin Durant is a machine. He's actually giving me some hope...that we might make it past the second round this year.
  • I normally roll my eyes at the folks that get all hyperventilated whenever they see anything vaguely related to religion near a government office, but even I think putting "In God We Trust" in the state senate chamber is a stupid idea. Let me get this straight - whenever Senators get stuck on something, or things get too contentious, they can just look up on the wall and realize everything will be alright, because "In God We Trust"? Please.
  • Molly Ivins is dead. Since we should not speak ill of the dead, here is my eulogy for her: " "
  • I can't believe that the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie will appeal to anybody outside of the already narrow fanbase, but aside from the stupidity of planting electric signs on the undersides of overpasses and causing security alerts in Boston - did anyone at Adult Swim really think this would increase the ticket sales? That is, without something like this happening?

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