Saturday, May 26, 2007

Movie Review: Spider-Man 3

Wow, I saw another movie in an actual movie theater. I've doubled last year's total!

I went into this movie hearing about mixed reviews and an overly-long playing time. Well, the playing time was a bit long, but not too bad. My main problem wasn't with the overall time, just with the percent of time spent showing us the "bad" Peter Parker. OK - he brushed his hair down over his eyes and started eying the ladies. We probably could have gotten that across without showing him strutting down the street twice, putting the moves on three different girls, and giving us two cheesy dance routines. Oh, and while I know cheese was definitely on the menu (Spidey's little tribute celebration was the definition of cheese), Tobey still looked about as far from menacing as it is possible to be.

The other problem was the ending. Sandman just kind of gives up? While he had been slowed down a couple of times, nobody came close to stopping him, or even coming up with a plan to stop him. Yeah, yeah - a criminal with a conscious and all - but still. This was too easy an out.

Other than that, a pretty solid outing. Good, brutal fight scenes, some shifting alliances, the usual Spiderman soap opera...not a bad outing. But not as good as Spider-Man 2. Sandman doesn't quite stack up in my mind to Doc Octopus. Three stars.

Oh, and the worst part...the trailer for Rush Hour 3. I'm a huge Jackie Chan fan, and even speaking as someone appalled at his recent Hollywood work...this looks terrible.

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