Thursday, May 24, 2007

Non-liveblogged Lost season finale

Didn't have time to make notes as I was going - I had to watch this show in three separate blocks. 24 needs to take some notes here. Where there was very little tension in Jack's last two hours, Lost managed to keep things running along nicely for most of its running time. Give Charlie a chance, then take it away, then have him be rescued, then have him commit suicide. Well - that last one didn't work so well. It sure looked like Charlie could have made it out in a couple of different ways, so his death was effectively suicide, and left a bit of a bad taste. But the communication he received bodes well for the immediate future of the show.

As is the revelation that Jack and Kate (at least) do get off the island, assuming the flash forward we saw is carved in stone. (I'm going to assume for the time being that the writers aren't going to screw around with us by showing us a possible future, and then changing it later on.) Along with Ben's warnings, Locke's psychic hotline message from Walt and Charlie's message from Penny, well, maybe we're going to see yet another group of "bad guys" next year. Still doesn't mean Ben et. al. are the "good guys".

Speaking of which - what about this past season? Well, despite Ben's assertion, we didn't actually see anything to demonstrate that his group were the "good guys" - and plenty to show they are "bad", or at least so convinced of their mission as to be amoral. We didn't find out anything much about Dharma, except how they got taken out by Ben's group. We didn't find out much about the island itself, except for vague metaphors about the "magic box".

We didn't really find out much about any of the main mysteries.

And we got a few new ones. Why do pregnent women die there? Who were the group that Ben ended up leading - split off Dharminians or a separate group? Who or what is Jacob - just a figment of the imagination or something real?

At any rate, the last few episodes have breathed some real life back into a show that I was ready to give up on. Now I find myself really looking forward to next season. I sure hope the 24 team is able to pull the same turnaround.

Now there's just The Shield left to finish up - then's it a long dreary summer waiting for football. I'll probably use the time to catch up on some other shows, like Doctor Who Season 2, that I've left sitting round.

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