Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday... Bailey. The Fierce Corgi is eight years old today. Pretty remarkable, given that she was diagnosed with kidney problems a year-and-a-half ago, and given a prognosis of six to twelve months. But thanks to her vet Drs. Schroeder and Anderson at Milwood Vet Clinic, we've managed to find a combination of medicines that have kept her various internal numbers stable, if still not in the "normal" range.

Her day-to-day is pretty much normal for a Corgi of her age - still real active, alert and vocal - but she is showing some signs of aging. For one thing, she's going gray - noticeably gray - on her head and a bit on her back. But she's also slowing down a little bit - her play sessions last a little less time, and her training sessions are a little less active by the end.

Her birthday present was a squeaky toy, which she managed to destroy in about thirty minutes. It would have been less, but there was a rope portion of the toy that had to be unraveled first, and that took up some valuable time. She goes through squeaker toys like a hot Corgi through butter, so it's a rare treat for her. I hope she enjoyed it, although I know it's already out of her mind - with the toy remnants in the trash, she's already back to her trusty Nylabone.

I don't know if she'll be around for her ninth birthday or not, but I sure hope in a year, she and I will be celebrating it - and it would be nice if she had a Utility degree, too.

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