Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When The Cowboys Hand You Lemons...

So now that the Cowboys have gone to work on their golf game, and now that I've been booted from my playoff survivor pool (thanks, Bolts over Colts), I now find myself without any specific motivation for the remaining two weeks of NFL playoffs. I could just sit back and enjoy the games, except that this week's games don't look too competitive on paper (although I thought the same about last week's games).

So what can I use to help me root for either of the teams likely to be in the Super Bowl?

Well, if the Patriots win, they will have gone undefeated, 19-0. That means we won't have to hear anymore from those ass-clowns, the surviving '72 Dolphins. Every year, we get several stories about their popping the cork on the champagne once the final undefeated team loses. That's pretty low-class, and I'm tired of seeing these guys.

And speaking of tired, I'm also pretty tired of the Brett Farve deification. Yes, he's a great quarterback. Yes, he's obviously Hall-of-Fame. Yes, he's generally considered a "good guy". But enough is enough with announcers, columnists and commentators slurping this guy. Tony Kornheiser is perhaps the worst - I can hardly stand to watch a Green Bay game because of this very thing. So, if Green Bay somehow beats the Patriots, maybe Farve will go the John Elway route and retire on top. Then I can stop hearing about him for a while.

Of course, if the Giants or Chargers end up winning, I guess I won't have anything to hold onto. Fortunately, neither of those scenarios look very likely.

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