Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Acts of Stupidity

1. After posting about the annoyance tendency of Keith R. A. DeCandido to use the word chuckle far and above the call of duty, I decided to see what his home page looked like. What I learned about Mr. DeCandido - (1) he seems to concentrate on TV franchise-related books; I saw books for Star Trek, Buffy, CSI, etc. (2) he has almost no sense of web page aesthetics (and that's coming from a techie that's just as happy with black text on a white background as anything) and (3) he's a moonbat.

At the bottom of his page, he has something called "The FreedomClock". It is a countdown applet, with (as of this writing) about 360-something days on it. Hmmm, what happens in about a year? Oh yes, the next president will be sworn it. So to Mr. DeCandido, Bush leaving office is the start of "freedom".

How enlightened.

It's probably just as well that I had decided to kick him to the curb over his chuckle-happy ways, but now I can throw this guy on the heap with the other idiots.

2. I saw perhaps the stupidest bumper sticker yet (and given that I live here in the People's Republic of Austin, where liberals love to dispense their special brand of "knowledge" in 10" x 3" increments, that's saying something indeed). Can't find an image of it on-line but it read "The Dixie Chicks For President".

Wow. The amazing level of moonbattery required to think that counts as some form of reality-based political commentary is stunning. I was so shocked I forgot to see if it was on a Volvo or not.

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