Friday, January 11, 2008

I Exist

Amazing - I actually found a link leading into this blog. Somehow, an editor of the Mahalo "human-powered" search engine decided to post a link to my review of Cape Fear on their Cape Fear page.

Unfortunately, they labelled it as "Cape Fear (1991) post", when it's actually a review of the 1962 original. I haven't figured out how to correct this yet. Mahalo seems to be built on a wiki engine (looks very similar to MediaWiki, but I haven't dug around enough to tell). There are a couple of different editors listed, and I don't know what "human-powered" means in this context. It isn't a completely public wiki like Wikipedia; there's some level of editorial control.

Well, maybe someday I'll see if I can get the link name corrected. And maybe - just maybe - someday someone will actually follow that link.....

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