Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Flood In A Flood Plain? Inconceivable!

Travis County officials apparently want to be sure that the Austin City Council doesn't take too much of a lead in the wasting-the-people's-money race:

But even before a damage assessment is conducted, county officials are talking about enticing residents to move away from Graveyard Point and other low-lying areas.

At their Tuesday meeting, the Travis County commissioners said the county should begin putting together requests for federal money. If successful, the federal government and county would jointly offer to buy out homes in places — such as Graveyard Point — that sit just above Lake Travis' normal elevation of 681 feet above sea level.

Here's a good way to "entice" people to leave a flood-prone area - stop helping them. Stop giving them grants to rebuild. Stop giving them permits. Stop maintaining the roadways to those areas. They chose to buy property in a flood plain - they should bear the cost and the responsibility for doing so.

Oh well, at least the residents haven't played the race card. Yet.

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