Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Review: Norbit

What a stupid, lazy movie. The DVD claims they spent nine months creating the prosthetics to turn Eddie Murphy into a fat woman and an old Asian man - it seems like they spent about nine minutes on the script. Just grab Eddie doing his nerd character from Bowfinger, his fat woman character from The Nutty Professor, and his elderly ethnic character from Coming To America, add Eddie Griffin doing his small-time pimp character, and the laughs are sure to roll, right?

Er, not exactly. The setup is given in a lengthy exposition flashback scene at the start, and from there the plot continues in an exact straight line - you could almost write down everything that would happen from that point on. And the journey there didn't contain a single laugh. Given that the story was written by Eddie Murphy, produced by Eddie Murphy and stars Eddie Murphy in three roles, it's not exactly hard to see who's primarily to blame for this mess. I'll need to watch 48 Hrs or Delirious or something to get this mess out of my head. One star.

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