Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Live Earth Pledge

Wow - here I was getting all set for the big Live Earth concerts*, and I had totally forgotten to take the Live Earth pledge! Let me get that out of the way right now:

I pledge.... vote against those who would use phony science as an excuse for limiting my private property rights and destroying my property values. I'm looking at you, Will Wynn. vote for those who seek to reduce our energy dependence by increasing development of domestic energy sources (including ANWAR), increasing domestic refining capacity, and increasing the use of nuclear energy. This should be done primarily by eliminating artificial governmental barriers to these actions. treat with the appropriate amount of ridicule proposals that seek to reduce greenhouse gases in the USA while giving a pass to China and other emerging countries where the amount of gases is far higher relative the amount of output they produce. use my own judgement, rather than that of elected officials, unelected international officials and celebrities, to determine how best to adjust my energy usage relative to my ability to pay for that energy. see if it is possible to get in on the scam of "carbon offsets" to my financial gain.

* Actually, I'll be showing with Bailey in Utility class for the first time in several months. Wish me luck!

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