Thursday, July 19, 2007

Racing Towards Zero

Instapundit notes the continuing decline of Congressional approval ratings, down to a record low 14%. While some on the right are in pointing-and-laughing mode (with some justification, I might add), I'm more in alignment with Dr. Reynolds on this one. We're actually at a pretty important time right now - deciding on a future Iraq strategy (not to mention the overall War On Terror) first and foremost, but also dealing with immigration proposals that will set that policy for the next decade or so, concern over health-care costs continuing to rise, probable vacancies on the Supreme Court in the next few years, etc.

While gridlock is not an entirely bad strategy during "the good times" (e.g. most of the 1990's), and I think we could do away with half the things that come out of Congress without missing a beat, I also think we're at a point where we need to have some meaningful public discussion on some pretty key topics. Unfortunately, we currently have a Congress that can't debate among itself, can't deal with the White House, and doesn't seem to be representing the people very well. This isn't exactly a recipe for "getting things done", even those things that really need to get done.

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