Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning Consititutional VI

The first question on C-SPAN's Washington Journal today is "How has war fatigue affected you?"
  1. This question, of course, assumes that war fatigue is the default. It is not asked as "Is war fatigue affecting you?", it is asked as "You have it, so how is it affecting you?" It's a push poll kind of formulation, and typical for C-SPAN, which usually takes its questions from topics as framed by the mainstream media newspapers it references (with the biases that implies).
  2. OK - let's assume there is war fatigue. Let's assume it is affecting people. Does this mean people are being asked to - gasp - make a type of sacrifice? I thought the left was complaining that we weren't having to do anything to support this war as in the past?
  3. Finally, I can understand people are tired of hearing about the war (especially with the mainstream media controlling the dialogue). I can think of some things that cause a much stronger and different type of fatigue. These things are the consequence of the surrender on the War on Terror that Congress and, sadly, the country as a whole seems to be heading towards.

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