Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Morning Constitutional VIII

A brave caller to C-SPAN's Washington Journal show this morning:

I just...I...I...I'm beside myself...I was half-scared to call [the Democrat] line because in my mind I could see the President saying "See who number 14 on the list was because we're gonna tap her line and see what's going on."

Wow - I guess the War on Terror is going pretty well. We've solved most of the terrorist problems in the world and have finally worked our way down to seeing what some drooling idiot in Pennsylvania is doing.

Lady - the President doesn't care what you are saying. The host of C-SPAN doesn't care what you are saying. The viewers on C-SPAN don't care what you are saying. In fact, I'm not sure anyone cares what you are saying. This post is probably the most attention anything you've said in the last month is going to get.

Feel free to babble on secure in the fact that no one is paying attention to you.

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